IXLeeds was launched in September 2010 in order to facilitate public peering in the North of the UK. It aims to help its members increase their network resilience, reduce latency, and reduce overall traffic backhaul costs toward London.

The Board

Chair - Andy Davidson

Andy is an independent interconnection consultant. He sits on the board of directors of LONAP, another neutral Internet Exchange point in the UK, and the European Internet Exchange Association, the trade association of the interconnection industry. Previously he was a chair of the European IX Working group at RIPE where he tutored operators in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East on building commercially and technically stable Internet Exchange Points. Andy previously co-founded Allegro Networks the world's first fully automated interconnection platform, which allowed peering networks to instantly connect to peering destinations in Europe and North America.

Finance Director - Mark Fordyce

Mark is the founder and Managing Director of York Data Services Limited, a business ISP and IT managed services provider based in York serving over 300 hundred businesses across the UK. He holds directorships in several northern-based companies from high technology to music publishing and is a board member and sector chair for Science City York, representing the IT and Digital industries across North Yorkshire. Mark is also a member of the Digital York Board, which oversees the Digital Strategy and Delivery Plan for the City of York Council, where Mark's expertise in media, technology and entertainment has helped to spawn a thriving economic platform for the City.

Technical Director - Tom Bird

Tom has been working on internet connectivity and hosting in some capacity since the 90s, starting with an old PC in a cupboard on a 64k Pipex line at a local printing firm, moving on through the UK's largest domain reseller, a medium sized wireless ISP network in Nottingham, and then a large number of enterprise networks in Spain (including briefly having enable access on AS1234).

He also spent time with BBC Research and wrote the first version of iPlayer that actually worked (you're welcome). He currently runs Portfast Ltd which provides hosting, cloud services and domain names and is based in Sheffield, provides technical assistance to other networks including the LONAP peering point in London, and is technical director of Idaq Networks which, among other things, provides city-wide free wifi throughout Sheffield and is present at IXLeeds.

Company Secretary - Adam Beaumont

Adam is the founder and Managing Director of aql, a specialist communications company whose datacentre houses IXLeeds. His current involvements are a WiFi innovation company, a GSM engineering company, a cafe-bar and a whitelabel wholesale telecommunications operator. He's a patron of the Leeds Community Foundation and an active participant within the Leeds Sustainable Development Group - an initiative centred around forward thinking city expansion.